Mrs. Busy Girl

Dear Muffin Top…You’re Toast

Posted on: January 18, 2012

So here is my TO DO list for today:

  • Coffee
  • Feed goats and chickens</li>
  • Burn 1,000 exercise calories (So far 150 from a walk this morning)
  • Eat 1,200 calories
  • Prepare FOCUS report 1 of 4 due by next Thursday
  • Verify my CE status for my license renewal
  • Prepare minutes and agenda for PTC meeting tomorrow (ugh, I can’t believe I volunteered for this)
  • At least one load of never-ending laundry( well at least partial done)
  • Pick up kids from school – luckily no activities tonight!
  • Figure out dinner for the fam

A’ight – time to get cracking.

Edit: Add review Trust document to the list. argh


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