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Getting ready to head out in about an hour for day one of the weight loss challenge at our gym. I can feel my competitive juices flowing. I’m already telling my teammates what to do before the weigh in – strategizing. I’m sorry. I would be the person everyone hates if I was ever on the show Biggest Loser – but I’m not heavy enough for that.

The thing that is bugging me is that we have to weigh in again next Friday to be part of a National contest. It’s throwing my strategy off! I thought today was the start for both!

I’m also feeling a bit fluish. Have had an upset tummy and achey the past few days. I still did a one mile base run on Thursday. 10:49 -ugh. It sure felt like I was running a 9 min pace! On the up side I should be able to improve that pretty easy and I’m chalking it up to not really feeling well. We will see next week!


…and depressed because I just hate where my body is at.

Yesterday Delaney was looking at my memory book and found a picture of me from my high school dance team.  She said, “Wow, was that your body!  You were skinny!”  Ugh.  Not that I would want to be as skinny as I was in high school, but just knowing that I am so far away from that.  Then Delaney made a backtrack, I guess worried that she would hurt my feelings, and told me, “You’re still skinny now too.”  …and I just didn’t quite know how to respond.  I don’t want to put my insecurities on her.  I want to be a good role model for her in health and body image.  The reality is though I need to lose 40 pounds to get to a healthy weight.  I wish I could just get this taken care of so I can carry on with being a normal, active, healthy eating adult that my girls can look up to.  Not one that is always beating herself up, struggling with my weight…because I really don’t want them to obsess about this stuff the way I do.

I’ve been sick the past week…blowing my May goals out of the water.  Tomorrow I’m going to try to burn 1,000 calories…I’ll just take this one day at a time for now.

Yeah!  I woke up early today to workout!  That is huge for me! …of course when my hubby gets up at 5:30 and goes in and out of the room 4 times, it’s hard not to wake up…and I only managed to run a little over a mile on the treadmill before the girls woke up and I needed to start getting them ready for school, but it’s a start!  I’ll just have to hop on the treadmill again later tonight to get some more miles in.  I NEED MORE MILES!

To be honest, this morning made me really grumpy because A) Hubby woke me up, B) I was up early and only managed to get in one mile, C) I hate mornings,  D)  When my husband got back from his workout he told me he’s lost 11 pounds – what the frick!  I didn’t even know he was trying.  I’m happy for him, but annoyed he can lose it with so little effort.  Well, I can gain weight with little effort – take that!  Humph!

Anyways, moving on.  Last weeks exercise (and yes, I seriously need to step things up if I’m going to meet my goals).  My goal is to get in some sort of run everyday for the next 4 days, and get back to drinking WATER, WATER, WATER! and not WINE, WINE, WINE!

Exercise Log                  
  Week   Sun Tues Thur Week Month May  
  1   09-May 11-May 13-May 2 To Date Goal Variance
Running (miles) 8.2   5   3.2 8.2 16.4        60         (43.6)
Squats 80     40 40 80 160      350          (190)
Lunges 80     40 40 80 160      350          (190)
Planks (1 minute) 2     1 1 2 4        15            (11)
PushUps 50     25 25 50 100      250          (150)
Crunches 80     40 40 80 160      350          (190)
I wanted to get a post up about the 10k race I did on Saturday…but I am having a hard time even feeling motivated to write anything today, or the past two days for that matter.  Time just keeps getting away from me, I don’t know how that happens!

It was such a great race too…not the most organized thing, but just great family fun!   I highly recommend this event even if it is just having your kids participate in the fun run. 


Saturday we were up early and at the race site by 7:30…the kids 1/2 mile fun run was supposed to start at 8 am, but it was delayed (which delayed everything else).  Both Delaney and Charlotte were doing the fun run, as well as my good friend’s kids.  The start was chaos, and they counted down the start…and a sea of kids were off!  All of them…except my two girls…just staning there not knowing what to do.  So I felt like a total heal because I had just left them to their own devices thinking they would know what to do…I jogged over to them and got them going.  Delaney immediately figured things out and took off, but Charlotte no such luck…every time I tried to pull out she would stop.  So I ran the fun run with her, which was fine, we got to meander through the zoo and all the animals were sort of “on guard” from all the ruckus.  The Tiger looked especially hungry with all those little kids running through 🙂  

Zoo's Tiger

The kids got a great little goodie back for their finish, plus a PB&J sandwich, mini jamba juice, admission to the zoo, and coupon for a free meal at Island Grill – all for $0 cost race!  Pretty awesome aye!  

I think they are so cute! Charlotte ran in her fancy skirt.

Then my friend and I ran our 10k shortly after the kids finished…which was tough!  The first two miles were all uphill which really fatigued my legs…but I finished!  Not as fast as I was  hoping, but not bad for only training 3 weeks and not racing in almost a year.   It was really a pretty course, footbridge, Folsom Lake, trails, Folsom Prison 🙂 

After the 10k, the race also had  2 mile obstacle course that my friend participated in.  It was a hoot to watch!  I think I will do it with my girls next year.  We were at the even until about 6 hours total, visiting booths, we walked through the zoo – we got a sh*tload of Seattle’s Best given to us because they didn’t want to take it back…this event was definitely worth the entry fee, and a good cause supporting a zoo that is purely rescue animals…Folsom Zoo. 

Au Natural Tree swing at the zoo

After the event, we went to a late lunch with our friends…then I went home and crashed!  So tired, but  a great day. 

Sunday was fun too…we went to church upon Charlotte’s request, then visited a winery and had a picnic and home to garden…my kind of day. 

I will update my exercise goals shortly, my other computer is acting up and my spreadsheet is on there.  Needless to say though, I really need to start kicking some butt and get serious! 

My exercise this past week…good thing there are 5 weeks this month or I would have no chance to meet my goals!  Running was a big effort this week.  I had shin splints on Sunday so I cut my run short and took a few days off.  Went back out on Thursday and my asthma kicked in…darn winds!  Trying to get in 5 to 6 miles today, my 10k is next week! 


Also on today’s schedule:  going into the office to get work done and cleaning house so I can take Mother’s Day off with my family.


Exercise Log:


            Week   Month May  
  Sat Sun Tues Thur Fri 1 Ttl   To Date Goal Variance
Running (miles) 3 2.6   2.6   8.2   8.2        60         (51.8)
Squats     40   40 80   80      350          (270)
Lunges     40   40 80   80      350          (270)
Planks (1 minute)     1   1 2   2        15            (13)
PushUps     25   25 50   50      250          (200)
Crunches     40   40 80   80      350          (270)


… and unfortunately no weight lost this week 😦

    Here I Am!

Just wanted to quickly get this post out there (it helps me procrastinate at work)…but then I really do need to get something done today…

My life has changed so much in the past 6 months, and I really have dropped the ball on taking care of my health (no exercise!), and making time for my family.  Last November I went from working part-time where I had time to volunteer at my kid’s school, take them to all there activities, and have a semi-regular workout session.  Then I was asked to take over the CFO position at my work and things changed so much…I have so much more responsibility at work now and we are understaffed, so I feel like I am constantly working and still behind.  I really am not very happy with the job at this point, but feel obligated to stay because they would pretty much be screwed if I left.  I mean, I’m sure they could figure it out, but it would be a hardship for all of the other employees who rely on me to get paid and manage things.  Plus, my husband finally gave notice at his job which hadn’t paid him in over a year…I know, crazy huh.  Long, long story with that one.  So he is now doing the kid, home duties and I am working my ass off to make the money for our family.

Anyhoo, I am trying to get back to a more balance lifestyle though and just signed up for my first race for 2010, a 10k in a little over 2 weeks. 

Which is kind of funny, because I have hardly ran at all the past 6 months.  For the whole month of April I have only ran 10.5 miles and all of those were in the past week!  I’m sure I can do it though, I ran 4.5 miles on Saturday and 4 miles yesterday fairly easily…so what is another couple of miles, with more hills, and crowds?

My goals for May’s fitness:       

  • Running:  60 miles (April is a dismal 10.5)
  • Squats: 350 (April is 80)
  • Lunges:  350 (April is 80)
  • Planks:  15x1min (April is 2)
  • Pushups: 250 (April is a big fat goose egg)
  • Crunches: 350 (April is 0)
  • Log my food daily – restarted this last week
  • Lose 5 pounds (I would rather 10, but we will see)

You can see the neglect!  I am hoping the race will keep me on track and motivated!  Wish me luck!

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