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Been feeling the need to come back here – Facebook just ain’t  doing it for me.

I’m doing the Tinkerbell Half Marathon  in 12 days…and I feel only half prepared. I wish I could keep on a consistent schedule with my  running. I always seem to half-ass my training.  But today is a new day and I’m committing myself to improve my running and MY health…

Here is what I want to do:

  • Do weekly 1 mile speed runs to gauge my speed and monthly 5k’s.  My goal is to get in the 8 min mile range, which I think I can do if I stay consistent…and lose a few pounds 😦  Currently I’m in the 11 – 12 minute range I think, but I tend to run longer mileage and focus on pacing for that.  I will run a base mile on Thursday.
  • Actually have a body that looks like I run!  Which means I probably need to lose about 30 pounds.  I am starting with a weight loss challenge at my gym on Saturday which is exciting!  I LOVE me some competition.  I did this last year too and lost 25 pounds which put me in first place percentage wise – so I won!  Yay!  But unfortunately I’ve gained back about 15 of that.  Guess I didn’t stop celebrating my win – so here I am 9 months later needing to get back at it again.
  • Get my life more organized!  I am sure so many people have this same issue as me.  I work from home, have three kids, and between trying to manage the home/work/kids I just get crazy!  I think all the lines get mumbled too since I don’t have set work hours that I have to report to work…I need a better schedule/checklist system.

Today’s summary:

Exercise – 4 mile hilly walk followed by an 8 mile run (average pace: pretty damn slow)

Consumed: 1195 calories  Burned: 3,080  Net Burn: -1885

ll be back with more tomorrow


…and depressed because I just hate where my body is at.

Yesterday Delaney was looking at my memory book and found a picture of me from my high school dance team.  She said, “Wow, was that your body!  You were skinny!”  Ugh.  Not that I would want to be as skinny as I was in high school, but just knowing that I am so far away from that.  Then Delaney made a backtrack, I guess worried that she would hurt my feelings, and told me, “You’re still skinny now too.”  …and I just didn’t quite know how to respond.  I don’t want to put my insecurities on her.  I want to be a good role model for her in health and body image.  The reality is though I need to lose 40 pounds to get to a healthy weight.  I wish I could just get this taken care of so I can carry on with being a normal, active, healthy eating adult that my girls can look up to.  Not one that is always beating herself up, struggling with my weight…because I really don’t want them to obsess about this stuff the way I do.

I’ve been sick the past week…blowing my May goals out of the water.  Tomorrow I’m going to try to burn 1,000 calories…I’ll just take this one day at a time for now.

My little sister who is a pastry chef gave me some tips and I made a lovely poached egg!

This morning I tried for the first time to poach an egg, and  it was a big fat FAIL on my part.  It tasted fine, but looked more like egg brains than an egg…Delaney said I invented a new dish 🙂  Now I must figure out how to do this correctly.   I think it was my equipment.  I boiled the water with the vinegar, but as soon as I tried to slowly introduce the egg, they pretty much were all over the water. 

So now I am on a mission to poach the perfect egg. 

photo courtesy of


I am determined to try again tomorrow.

Yeah!  I woke up early today to workout!  That is huge for me! …of course when my hubby gets up at 5:30 and goes in and out of the room 4 times, it’s hard not to wake up…and I only managed to run a little over a mile on the treadmill before the girls woke up and I needed to start getting them ready for school, but it’s a start!  I’ll just have to hop on the treadmill again later tonight to get some more miles in.  I NEED MORE MILES!

To be honest, this morning made me really grumpy because A) Hubby woke me up, B) I was up early and only managed to get in one mile, C) I hate mornings,  D)  When my husband got back from his workout he told me he’s lost 11 pounds – what the frick!  I didn’t even know he was trying.  I’m happy for him, but annoyed he can lose it with so little effort.  Well, I can gain weight with little effort – take that!  Humph!

Anyways, moving on.  Last weeks exercise (and yes, I seriously need to step things up if I’m going to meet my goals).  My goal is to get in some sort of run everyday for the next 4 days, and get back to drinking WATER, WATER, WATER! and not WINE, WINE, WINE!

Exercise Log                  
  Week   Sun Tues Thur Week Month May  
  1   09-May 11-May 13-May 2 To Date Goal Variance
Running (miles) 8.2   5   3.2 8.2 16.4        60         (43.6)
Squats 80     40 40 80 160      350          (190)
Lunges 80     40 40 80 160      350          (190)
Planks (1 minute) 2     1 1 2 4        15            (11)
PushUps 50     25 25 50 100      250          (150)
Crunches 80     40 40 80 160      350          (190)
I wanted to get a post up about the 10k race I did on Saturday…but I am having a hard time even feeling motivated to write anything today, or the past two days for that matter.  Time just keeps getting away from me, I don’t know how that happens!

It was such a great race too…not the most organized thing, but just great family fun!   I highly recommend this event even if it is just having your kids participate in the fun run. 


Saturday we were up early and at the race site by 7:30…the kids 1/2 mile fun run was supposed to start at 8 am, but it was delayed (which delayed everything else).  Both Delaney and Charlotte were doing the fun run, as well as my good friend’s kids.  The start was chaos, and they counted down the start…and a sea of kids were off!  All of them…except my two girls…just staning there not knowing what to do.  So I felt like a total heal because I had just left them to their own devices thinking they would know what to do…I jogged over to them and got them going.  Delaney immediately figured things out and took off, but Charlotte no such luck…every time I tried to pull out she would stop.  So I ran the fun run with her, which was fine, we got to meander through the zoo and all the animals were sort of “on guard” from all the ruckus.  The Tiger looked especially hungry with all those little kids running through 🙂  

Zoo's Tiger

The kids got a great little goodie back for their finish, plus a PB&J sandwich, mini jamba juice, admission to the zoo, and coupon for a free meal at Island Grill – all for $0 cost race!  Pretty awesome aye!  

I think they are so cute! Charlotte ran in her fancy skirt.

Then my friend and I ran our 10k shortly after the kids finished…which was tough!  The first two miles were all uphill which really fatigued my legs…but I finished!  Not as fast as I was  hoping, but not bad for only training 3 weeks and not racing in almost a year.   It was really a pretty course, footbridge, Folsom Lake, trails, Folsom Prison 🙂 

After the 10k, the race also had  2 mile obstacle course that my friend participated in.  It was a hoot to watch!  I think I will do it with my girls next year.  We were at the even until about 6 hours total, visiting booths, we walked through the zoo – we got a sh*tload of Seattle’s Best given to us because they didn’t want to take it back…this event was definitely worth the entry fee, and a good cause supporting a zoo that is purely rescue animals…Folsom Zoo. 

Au Natural Tree swing at the zoo

After the event, we went to a late lunch with our friends…then I went home and crashed!  So tired, but  a great day. 

Sunday was fun too…we went to church upon Charlotte’s request, then visited a winery and had a picnic and home to garden…my kind of day. 

I will update my exercise goals shortly, my other computer is acting up and my spreadsheet is on there.  Needless to say though, I really need to start kicking some butt and get serious! 

I’m having a pretty good week…my boss is off traveling the world and spending money which always allows me to actually get stuff done…other than the occasional phone call from him bugging me about what I’m doing…uhh, running YOUR business while you gallivant around the world.  Then he has the nerve to tell me there really isn’t that much to do. 

Umm, does my office really look like there is not much going on?

Because I feel like I'm drowning in work...

At least someone to help with filing?

(like the artwork on my white board?  Added by Miss Charlotte 🙂  )  Ugh, this may someday come back and bite me in the butt…But I am really tired of working my ass off – him telling me we can’t afford help, but meanwhile he travels all over frick with first class accommodations. 

So excuse me while I continue to procrastinate… 

On another note, I had a great Mother’s Day…breakfast in bed after a 5 mile run.  Then we went up to an artsy, fartsy little town and tooled around.  The girls got hungry so we popped into a little cafe to get them a bite.  They had a Bloody Mary Mother’s Day special…so I ordered that and a salad.  

Looked okay when it first arrived...

Then I noticed the dirt on the celery. EW!

And is Celery suppose to be flexible? Uh no...

 Needless to say, I didn’t finish that drink.  My salad arrived with reddish tinged, and cracked lettuce…old and gross.  Yuck.  I guess they don’t have access to fresh produce at that cafe.  Oh well, my hubby had made me the best Quiche for breakfast, so I wasn’t that hungry anyways. 

Need to finish up some work now, tonight I’m multitasking going for a run while Charlotte is at dance. Chuck is taking Delaney to piano…we have way too many kids activities going right now!


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