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Posted on: March 12, 2012

Sometimes I don’t want people to walk in on me while I’m taking a bath because I’m blowing bubbles 🙂


Getting ready to head out in about an hour for day one of the weight loss challenge at our gym. I can feel my competitive juices flowing. I’m already telling my teammates what to do before the weigh in – strategizing. I’m sorry. I would be the person everyone hates if I was ever on the show Biggest Loser – but I’m not heavy enough for that.

The thing that is bugging me is that we have to weigh in again next Friday to be part of a National contest. It’s throwing my strategy off! I thought today was the start for both!

I’m also feeling a bit fluish. Have had an upset tummy and achey the past few days. I still did a one mile base run on Thursday. 10:49 -ugh. It sure felt like I was running a 9 min pace! On the up side I should be able to improve that pretty easy and I’m chalking it up to not really feeling well. We will see next week!

Well I guess today was a break even sort of day. Didn’t get anymore exercise in after my walk…but I stayed decent on my intake. Got about 80% of my list done. Better than 50/50 – so I’ll take it. See you all tomorrow.


So here is my TO DO list for today:

  • Coffee
  • Feed goats and chickens</li>
  • Burn 1,000 exercise calories (So far 150 from a walk this morning)
  • Eat 1,200 calories
  • Prepare FOCUS report 1 of 4 due by next Thursday
  • Verify my CE status for my license renewal
  • Prepare minutes and agenda for PTC meeting tomorrow (ugh, I can’t believe I volunteered for this)
  • At least one load of never-ending laundry( well at least partial done)
  • Pick up kids from school – luckily no activities tonight!
  • Figure out dinner for the fam

A’ight – time to get cracking.

Edit: Add review Trust document to the list. argh

I wore an old sports bra yesterday for my 8 mile run that wasn’t very forgiving – so major chaffing 😦

I was going to post a picture of it but quickly realized I couldn’t do it without getting some boobage in the shot.

Since my blog pop’s up when people google fat assed chicks, think I’ll pass on the gratuitous boob shots.



Ugh, I need Botox.


In a constant state of reinvention.


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